Introducing Above
Automated Smart Umbrellas

Bring shade and ambience to your outdoor areas without the bothers of managing manual crank umbrellas.

AUTOMATIC open | close


The Total Package
Equipped with advanced technologies, including a built-in battery and high efficiency solar panel, a wind sensor, and an ambient light, the Above SMART Umbrella represents the most cutting-edge development for outdoor patio umbrellas. Our automated smart umbrellas deliver a level of ease and convenience that makes all others feel obsolete.
100% Windproof
Above Smart Umbrellas makes preventing wind damage a breeze with advanced sensors that automatically close your canopies upon detecting strong weather. You won’t have to worry about remembering to close your umbrellas every time the wind blows.

Easy Open
Easy Close

Featuring a motorized mechanism and controlled entirely by remote, Above Smart Umbrellas are quick and effortless to open and shut. The removal of manual cranking also means you won’t have to handle any dirty fabrics anymore.
One Remote to
Control Them All
Whether you own two smart umbrellas or twenty,
one remote is all you’ll ever need. Group pair your
umbrellas to your remote and you can open, shut,
and illuminate the entire assemblage with the push of a button.
No Charging
Despite boasting all these fancy features, the Above Umbrella
is entirely self-powered and never needs to be plugged in.
Powered by a built-in battery and high efficiency solar panel,
the Above Umbrella is great for the environment and your electrical bill too!
Light up the Night with
Built-in Illumination
Umbrellas don’t just provide shade; they can give your outdoor spaces a wonderous ambience too!
Above Umbrellas include bright LEDs to light up your patio umbrellas with beautiful ambient lighting.
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