Shipping & Returns

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Cranking the handle will open the umbrella.  Turning it clockwise will open it and counterclockwise to close.

If you would like to wash your umbrella canvas, we recommend spot cleaning with water or with a mild soap solution and rinse.

It is strongly suggested to close your umbrella if there is high winds to avoid damages to your umbrella.  Not doing so your umbrella may have the potential to be uplifted by the winds causing damage to the umbrella or surrounding objects.

The OneClick™ Umbrella was designed for easy replacements of damaged ribs.  Unhook the canvas from the damaged rib and press the button attaching the rib to the frame.  Pull and remove the damaged ribs.  Replace the ribs with a new one that comes with your OneClick™ umbrella or contact our customer service at for more details on ordering a replacement.